Palace Turmalin
Palace Turmalin



After many years of discussions about the need of modern administrative premises the TURMALIN PALACE offers, as the first newly completed administrative object, the premises of the top quality. The glassed-in façade gives to the object a novel, modern design and it brings a new architectural quality for the Lidická Street, the future commercial boulevard in the city of Brno. After building the new scene of the Brno City Theatre it brings another enterprise to improve the face of wider centre of Brno.

Premises and areas are ready for renters in the system of "OPEN SPACE". New bank hall of a known bank subsidiary will be created downstairs. Every other floor will offer the applicants an area exceeding 300 m2. All areas are fully air-conditioned with automatic regulation. Over 70 parking places for renters and visitors of the object are located behind the object. Access is possible also from the Lidická Street.

Object is under permanent security control and it offers sufficient capacities for telecommunication connection. Its concept was influenced by the developer's experience - MORÁVKA CENTRUM, a.s., as well as by the events of September, 11th. Entrance security is on the world's level, the visitors are taken care of at a pleasant entrance reception.

Elaborated by: MORÁVKA CENTRUM, a.s. (

Urban, architectural and artistic solution

Newly designed object will serve as an administration building which will substitute the existing building torso, many years under construction and uncompleted. As for dimension the building will be elevated, by its main dimension the object will be finished on the level of the main cornices of neighbouring houses that create the eastern wall of the Lidická Street. Also the yard part of the parcel is solved with regard to parking demands for administrative employees.

The building construction will complete the mentioned eastern street front in the Lidická Street which has been for many years affected by an uncompleted house torso. Universality of the layout planning based on free skeletal disposition maintains optimum utility of the object. The building height connects to level of higher neighbouring buildings in the street front and it completes it to the already based height level. Administrative object has 6 aerial floors aligned with the street line and two dimensionally recessed floors (7th and 8th floors).

Functionally the building is designed as an administrative building with universal large-space offices.
Access to the inner-block is through a passage from the street and via a car-lift for passing a height difference between inner-block and the street. Downstairs there is a salesroom with its entrance from the Lidická Street and a reception with its entrance from the passage. Both areas are divided by a communication unit with stairs and sanitary facility. This communication unit then creates the only division of free areas in upper floors. In the underground floor there are storage areas, technical background for air conditioning, distribution of electricity and gas fired boiler-room.
The street façade is whole-glassed-in with structured glasses. The yard façade is plastered with coloured coat and broke-out by big structures euro-windows. More detailed intentions of architectonic conception are in the enclosed views.

Elaborated by: 1.Černopolní, Ing. Arch. Kubín

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